Backup management – Tecneo cloud

Backup management - Tecneo cloud

Using this product you can safely keep one of the main assets of your company, data. With no initial investment in expensive products and with a monthly fee based on your needs, you will have a backup copy on our servers.

This will be done automatically through the Internet (with the necessary protection and encryption measures) and will be monitored by our technicians, thus guaranteeing proper operation.

Disadvantages of conventional backup

Conventional backup methods, in which computer data was backed up manually by copying it daily to physical media, are no longer secure enough and all have many disadvantages:

Lack of automation of the copy process, which does not guarantee that the copies are made with the ideal frequency.

Backup failures are typically not detected until the restore is performed.

High error rate during data restoration.

The information is usually not encrypted, and represents a major confidentiality problem, due to the possibility of loss or theft of the media on which it is stored.

Active dedication by a responsible person who, despite using backup software to program their copies, must be responsible for changing the storage consumables (tapes, disks, etc.).

The copies are located in the same facilities of the equipment they support and therefore are exposed to being stolen or destroyed at the same time, which would make data recovery impossible.