Gesden One

GESDEN ONE is the Web Software developed by Infomed that will revolutionize the management and way of working of dental clinics in Spain.

The best dental clinic web software in the world

Developed with the latest and most powerful WEB technology, the know-how and experience of more than 25 years in healthcare management, the integration of the first dental imaging PACS and the exchange platform between the clinic and the laboratory, make GESDEN ONE a unique software .

Work At High Speed

Gesden One is developed with the latest technology in web applications, .net Core 3 and Angular 8, which manages to optimize resources to obtain the maximum performance from the software with immediate loading of screens, searches and listings.

Decide Where To Store The Clinic's Data

Gesden One, allows the user to decide where they want to host the clinic’s software and database: in the cloud or on the clinic’s own server . If the user decides to opt for cloud hosting, Informed gives them all the guarantees of a unique, private installation with maximum data protection, having a unique database for each client, in the Microsoft Azure cloud. .

Work Without An Internet Connectin

Gesden One , allows you to continue working even without an internet connection in your clinic. By installing the software on the clinic server, it becomes a web server and can work even if the internet connection fails, with uninterrupted access to your data.

Exclusive Installation and Database For Each Customer

Gesden One , designed so that each clinic has its own independent facility also in the option of hosting in the cloud. Providing a private space in the cloud for each client’s software and database, thus ensuring maximum speed and security in data access, and maximum compliance in GDPR.

Designed From Its Origin To Adapt To all Devices

Gesden One , designed 100% responsive from its origin (PC / MAC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, smart tv), with optimal adaptation to different screen sizes and formats, without loss of information display, functionality and usability .

Dental Image PACS

Gesden One incorporates a complete image management and treatment system, graphic files and all kinds of documents: radiographs, photographs, dental tac, 3D files (STL OBJ), DICOM files, videos, PDF’s, … With Image One you can view and handle these files from any device and physical location at amazing speed. Image One is fully integrated with Gesden One : all files can be viewed and managed directly from the patient’s medical history.

Multi Language

Gesden One allows you to adapt the software to the patient’s language. The user will be able to choose the language they need, displaying the information on the screen and giving the patient all the documents in their language. The multilanguage function provides the clinic with a further professionalism and distinction in patient care that will result in greater patient satisfaction.

Clinical-Laboratory Communication

Gesden One incorporates a digital exchange platform between the clinic and the prosthetics laboratory that allows a fast, safe and efficient system for sending and managing prescriptions and prosthetics.

Why Gesden One ?

We invite you to know what makes Gesden One a unique product. 25 years of experience in the sector transferred to the most powerful and innovative software on the market.

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Video conference platform

Learn how from our system you can communicate with both your patient and collaborators. Share images and videos in your video consultations.

Image One

Image Management

Complete image management and treatment system, graphic files and all kinds of documents: Photographs · X-rays · DICOM files · Dental TAC · 3D files (STL OBJ) · Videos · PDFs

Cloud Storage

Image storage system in the cloud, or on the server of the clinic, or both at the same time with automatic synchronization.

Freedom of access

Access your images from any device and from any location.

Organized View

Organize and visualize all the images in series (visits), to have a more ordered and chronological view of the images.

Medical History

All files can be viewed and managed from the patient’s medical history.

Photo template management

Specific function for managing orthodontic photographs and dental aesthetics.