Advanced, intuitive and reliable management system for hotel establishments

A unified and interconnected system accessible and available from any device and deployed in the cloud.

Hötelink is an Advanced, intuitive, and reliable management system for hotel establishments, which will optimize your tasks safely, easily, and efficiently. It is a PMS developed with the latest and most powerful WEB technology for independent hotels and regional/national chains.


– Generation of the police file according to current regulations
– Complete and centralized information on the guest’s history
– Graphic room planning
– Optimization of all administrative processes
– Automatic room pre-allocation
– Early departures, penalties
– Connection with Key recorder
– Laundry


– Access to all the information about the different areas in real-time
– Daily reports updated at the time of closing (billing, occupation, forecasts … ..)
– Personalized configuration of your user role that allows you to highlight those points of greatest interest
– Scorecard


– Planning of preventive maintenance
– Corrective maintenance management
– History of incidents and tasks
– Statistical analysis by types of breakdown, room, employee, response times
– Link with the guest’s history to manage future complaints


– Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-exercise
– Dimensions for advanced data analysis
– Comprehensive management of pending collections
– Statistics and analysis by client, markets, rates, debt age


– Quota management
– Automatic download of reservations
– Management of multiple rates and offers
– Group reservations


– Management of suppliers and contracts/agreements
– Control of delivery notes and monthly invoices


– Hiring and rates
– Advanced statistics (occupations, average prices….)
– Dynamic prices

DNI reader integration

– With the ID and passport reading system, your guests’ information will automatically be transferred to Hötelink.
– Multiple nationalities
– Valid for ID, passports, residence cards, driving licenses

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Mobile applications to solve your needs

We offer you apps for mobile devices that will offer you solutions for check-in, check-out, cleaning staff, and digital menu.

Some of Our Features

Efficient and safe

Developed with the latest technology in web applications, .net Core 3 and Angular 8, which manages to optimize resources to obtain the maximum performance of the software with immediacy in loading screens, searches and listings.

Complete and integrated

Covers all business areas, all departments under the same system.


On different devices: Windows PC, IOS, iPhone, Android Smartphone and Tablet (iPad, Android and Surface).


With the rest of the systems and business partners of the hotel establishment.


Modern technology, permanently up-to-date, with the latest advances and market requirements.

Customizable and intuitive

It adapts to each user role and is easy to implement and use by all hotel staff.