Novalab One

The management software you need in your laboratory

The management software you need in your laboratory

Novalab One, is the laboratory management software that will allow you to control and
manage the different areas, facilitating your daily work and improving your
communication with the dental clinic thanks to the connection with Dentbox.
With the incorporation of the control panel to Novalab and the use of the Dentbox
connection system, the operation of the prosthesis laboratory is managed in a
protocolized way, optimizing times, costs and the control of the route of each one of
the works from start to finish.

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Most significant strategic indicators to measure.

  • The number of jobs requested per client
  • Number of outsourced jobs
  • Number of jobs performed for each type of job
  • Total number of tests
  • Number of jobs by job status
  • Number of delivery notes issued per month
  • Delivery notes for clients
  • Billing per month
  • Billing per customer
  • Most used item groups
  • Average cost of the ítem
  • Most used product group

New communication system between the dental clinic and the laboratory.

  • The client sends us the digital prescription and it is automatically integrated into Novalab
  • We receive a notice that allows us to accept, reject or communicate with the client
  • We can send images and files that are stored in Novalab within the corresponding work
  • Simply with a button you can open an instant chat with the customer avoiding wasting time on the phone

Why use Novalab One ?

Carrying out the management of a dental prosthesis laboratory is a complex task due to the infinity of small internal processes that are generated with daily work. We do not have time to carry out a detailed control of all the areas and operation of the laboratory, without counting on the analysis of the results that we are obtaining with our work.

For our business to function, it is essential to implement management software as a basic tool. Areas such as: work requested and carried out, accounting, suppliers, material and clients, are the most common areas of analysis for good laboratory management. With Novalab we managed to organize work protocols, run a laboratory organization and perform an analysis of its performance, taking the result as a basis for improvement to increase our profits.