Virtualization solutions

Virtualization solutions

Virtualization solutions allow the optimization of the technological and computing resources of companies. They increase flexibility and enable mobility thanks to high availability, since they allow the provision of software and hardware resources in a non-dependent manner (which means a much more efficient management of resources). In addition, they improve systems security and data protection, making it possible to recover information quickly in the event of a physical disaster, computer attack or human error, restoring systems to any previous point. And last, but not least, it saves costs, a headache for any business.

However, the virtualization offer is not standard, but there is a wide variety of alternatives for the virtualization of environments, servers, desktops or applications, since there are several developers and brands that market the different types of virtualization products.

This wide offer allows a technological partner like TECNEO to have access to a large number of virtualization alternatives. In this way we are able to design and build the most appropriate technological environment in each case, since the possibilities available in our portfolio of virtualization solutions are numerous.

How can a virtualization solution help your business?

Very easy. Increase efficiency in your data center. That is, it allows servers to run various applications and operating systems. In this way, jobs are implemented faster, operations are automated, and performance improves.

We provide your company with market leading virtualization platforms, which will allow you to:

Improve the control and management of corporate systems.

Ensure business continuity in the event of possible data loss and / or functionality problems.

Get the most out of each of your business applications.

Increase energy efficiency, reducing hardware and therefore expenses.

Run more than one operating system at the same time on a single computer.