About us

Our essence

Tecneo is a technological project, created by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the provision of computer technology.

The comprehensive service that we offer goes from the analysis of the client's needs, the planning and design of the facilities, to, last but not least, the comprehensive after-sales service, which includes both advisory actions and on-line service. line, as face-to-face actions, always under the premise that response time is essential.

Our goal is to offer you innovative and consistent solutions that provide the competitive advantages that your company needs. We will carefully and realistically plan the most convenient way to adapt computer technology to the specific requirements of your company. In this way, your business processes and your staff will maximize the performance of new tools in the shortest possible time.

Planning, commitment and teamwork are the key to success.

Our mission

To be the best alternative for the offer of search services for management solutions, application development and web design for companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers, focused on a close and direct relationship with the client, offering the most innovative solutions at competitive prices. We generate new forms of business and communication so that our clients have a unique experience.

Our values