Mötelink is a management system created exclusively to cover the needs and problems that may arise in the motel business, providing all the necessary tools and processes.

A New Concept In motel Management

It is an administrative system for motel with high turnover, where rooms are rented by the hour. There are several differences with the standard motel management software, especially in the way of pricing the rooms since they are quoted per hour and / or stays (overnight shifts), and the rate differs in the case of days intermediate or weekend. The other points are the charge of expenses, services and consumptions to the room, and the control of availability of the rooms after the cleaning service.

Define rates

Definition of rate tables, value per hour and room, fraction of an hour, full stay, value according to day of the week / weekend.

Graphic occupancy chart

Graphic occupancy chart of the motel, with control of expiration of shifts.

Room condition

Room condition, availability of the same; assignment of the personnel responsible for the rooms; periodic cleaning checkpoints.

Room services

Room services, charged to the rate of the stay. In the case of articles, food, drinks, etc., automatic stock adjustment according to consumption.

Telephony management

Telephony management, with control of call minutes, costs per minute and according to day, etc .; charge to the corresponding room.

Absolutely configurable

Complete consultation interface, absolutely configurable by the user, with report printing.

Home automation

Integration with home automation. Custom projects are carried out for each motel to automate the processes that the property demands.

Configurable reports

Configurable reports that can be previewed on screen.

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Mobile applications to solve your needs

We offer you apps for mobile devices that will offer you solutions for check-in, check-out, cleaning staff, and digital menu.

Home Automation

The home automation solutions contemplate the integral automation of the entire motel, from the customer’s entrance through the entrance barrier, their stay in the selected room, until the payment and their subsequent departure.

We carry out projects customized for each motel based on the different protocols that the property wishes to automate.

Thanks to home automation, the customer can consult the switchboard from the garage, the room or the entry and exit kiosks. It may also be equipped with systems that allow workers to move around the motel and perform any type of work with the greatest agility. These tasks can be related to the status of the rooms, payment procedures, door opening or management of entry and exit barriers.

Home automation solutions especially bring the following advantages to the property:

  • Greater control of processes. We do not depend on the user to carry out the processes determined by the property, so we reduce the risk of human error and increase the amount of information that automata can provide us.

  • Increased well-being of the guest. We provide the property with a multitude of solutions that increase the quality of the guest's stay in the motel, such as colored lighting, pre-air conditioning in the room, control of electric blinds or blinds, etc., which translates into more and better sales reviews of the establishment.

  • Energy saving. Domotization offers us the possibility of reducing electricity and water consumption, seeking totally rational energy consumption and therefore increasing the profitability of the motel.

Multi-language presentation of the motel entry system.
Capture screen of the client's reservation on which the access key to the room contracted with the time slot and services linked to it will be generated.
Screen that shows the different types of rooms, time slots, rates, main characteristics of the room and the option of more information on each of them.
More information about one of the room types.
We use commercial scadas to show the client the different domotized services by room and the status of each of them.
Detailed information on one of the rooms in the home automation scada.

Some of our features

Access your data from any location

Mötelink is developed with the latest technology in web applications, .net Core 3 and Angular 8 that will allow you to access your system in real time whatever your location.

License plate reading system

From Mötelink you will be able to have the identification of the license plates that enter your business without depending on the correct loading of data by your employees.

Friendly interface

Without a long learning curve your staff will quickly learn how to use the system.

Integration with home automation

From the PMS you can manage any task that you want to domotize, reducing your personnel costs and increasing control over your business

Reserve rack

Take advantage of our reservation rack to increase your occupancy percentage.